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PaintedCricket:iconpaintedcricket: for Jolteon's template~
Sun Sep 15, 2013, 9:35 AM
;D Mah webcamz~
Thu Sep 5, 2013, 8:01 PM
Herherher ya webcam
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 9:34 PM
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 5:06 PM
PaintedCricket:iconpaintedcricket: for the 'Endaug portrait~ If it fails, it's cause I'm stealing wireless.
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 5:05 PM
PaintedCricket:iconpaintedcricket: for the last three for the Envy x Dee litter.
Sun Jul 14, 2013, 5:50 PM
PaintedCricket:iconpaintedcricket: for Chinese Xigou imports!
Wed Jul 3, 2013, 11:41 AM
If there's a journal that says "JOIN.ME ONLINE" or a poll down there with a link, I'm very likely on =D
Fri Jun 14, 2013, 2:38 PM
Painted are you doing a
Fri Apr 26, 2013, 4:21 AM
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm come to my joinme noww and i tell youu that oh shitt I forgot to edit those capo pics srry rufferman :C
Sat Jan 19, 2013, 9:54 PM
April 13th, 2014
And so, after a near half year without my pen, we begin the countdown until Easter, when I'll finally be able to fetch the thing from grandmother's house! Hopefully, I'll come back refreshed~ It's always quite nice to be over there. Nothing but crochet and hanging out with my folk in the country and cooking and a lot of not having to hear whining. I'm not a child or a housemate here, I am a wife, complete with being unappreciated: doing all the freaking chores and being bitched at regardless. I think I may have to bring the pen back safe and all, though, or I'm afraid it'll pull some new stunt.

February 23, 2014
Sorry about letting my breeds become inactive. Y'all have been great, but I've fallen behind on managing. I'd like to become more active in promoting litters, so they would be picked up and not sit for so long. I love it when people breed them! Soon, soon... hopefully soon.

January 16, 2014
Once I've got my tablet pen back. It's literally locked in a safe, so it shouldn't be able to attempt suicide while I'm away. Anywho, holidays with the family was fun! Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I've gotten (back, technically) into crochet and have quite a skirt going in fine yarn. Those who've ordered an import won't be charged, for the time. Also, the teapups are getting lineart per-strain; perhaps you've noticed the Valencian Cocktails already, but those aren't for importing again. Brownie cookie caffeine overdose go go!

November 25, 2013
I know a lot of people are waiting for the Spear Hound relaunch, but while I get back on my feet/tablet/whatever, there's an existing Spear Hound male with training available, being resold by the original owner. Selling DARPG Dogs (points)It's a real shame, but I'm going to have to move on some of my DARPG animals to new homes since I'm far too busy to actively draw them :c I feel ever so guilty for not drawing them nearly as much as I should have done, but there was not a lot I could do :s I know they'll be much better off with other owners.
I'll be selling them to both DARPG and non-DARPG artists! If you want to buy one, please comment below.
:new: For Sale - FSF's Elph - this is a sad sale since I love this girl's personality and design, but I know I won't draw her and the Saluki is not a breed FSF is interested in owning. PRICE: 30 :points:

1. Stallion, Spear Hound - I've absolutely adored having Stallion but I know I won't draw him much more. Needs to go to an artist who can actively draw him, I don't want to see him wasting away. Price = ---- SOLD

October 8, 2013
The Teapups need new lines by strain, as you may or may not have noticed from the recently released Valencian Cocktails. Sorry to those waiting for customs ^^;

September 2, 2013
Meykka's doing something like this.... As incentive for using your Fae, I could offer hybrid Fae. Breedable, yes. Useable officially if you're into the fantasy world. Remember The Magical Fae article? Where it says they will always birth live pups, even if they'd be weird? Like skeleton dog hybrids with hearts of flame mixed with a Fae will give flame-hearted, possibly open Fae, but they're still alive. I have a few ideas for them. Whatcha think? Oh, and "Pinki Pups" for the teapups; it's still a concept, but they're pets for your teapups ='D Another possible name is "Sugar (Cube) Pups", for their size. Probably "Teaspoons", but I dun care X'D

August 24, 2013
I kind of wanted to make a big show after everything was cleaned up, but I'm thinking that a bi-weekly show would better suit the players. (Also, I'm not sure when everything will be cleaned up |D) Like conformation one round, and then some sort of sport the next? It'd include all Folklore breeds, and possibly a select fantasy-fitting affiliates' breeds: Meykka's dogo angeles, iJemz's ryu kiba inu, and xXMacoyXx's gecko dogs, for example?.

August 6, 2013
Valencia Cocktail--OMG, it's a thing! So awesome, cause I wanted to name the teapup bloodline mixes something with a V and cocktail and Valencia appeared in my head and it has such a nice ring to it and then I find out it's an actual thing. So dang sweet.

July 26, 2013
I had put a notice in the Pedigree and Import registry journals, but since it might be vague, somehow, still: Unauthorized dogs must be culled. Those bred without a license (and not a trial litter or an unaccepted trial litter), those created despite the fact that it's not an open breed, those created when it is an open breed but so against standard that it cannot possibly be acceptable, those not for DARPG and not authorized for OC use... It'll be added to the rules at the sheet and the contract... Culled dogs would be unuseable, unbreedable, unplayable--meanwhile, killing a dog off in the kennel doesn't mean you can't make it a counterpart in another roleplay; but unauthorized dogs are entirely frozen, forever. [/paranoiasession]

July 20, 2013
:bulletblack: People have asked me about the differences between the teapup bloodlines. Really, there aren't any differences except for the color and temperament, but because of the differences in work, there are certain preferences as to body-type. However, the variations occur in both bloodlines. (See below*) I figure that, since enough people have asked, I should just make a sheet about it.

:bulletblack: The teapup genotypes are done. There are some hidden genes that can only be bred via crossing bloodlines.

:bulletblack: And the vanity-bred teapup variety is nearing completion, in concept.

:bulletblack: The next breeds scheduled to be released are the Spear Hound and the Burial Hound, in that order. The Spear Hounds are simpler and more a relaunch than a release. The Burial Hounds are the most requested breed from what I've released concepts of.

:bulletblack: I will now list the breeds that I have in the works; you will not have heard of most: 1 Daemon/Daimon Hunting Hounds, 2 Tobacco Cur (is a crack/non-serious/quite peciluar breed concept), 3 Galgo Castillano (is actually an adoptables breed, not cheap, but I may release them for breeding to certain people), 4 Chinthian Banddogge, 5 Furo Terrier (for which I need another name, but people are taking to already), 6 Cotton King Terrier (which I've found a bodytype I like for; the field-bred cocker spaniel), 6 Aristocrat's Tigerwolf (which is basically a Thylacine, but I wanted to explore color possibilities and domestication), 7 Wild Hunt Hound (which is actually my oldest breed in the works; reworked multiple times because I always found a breed or breed revamp that looked similar once it was down on paper; based on the red-eared faerie wild hunt hounds), 8 Gypsy Cur (which is a breed meant to be bred into existence using quality stock, mostly Kooikerhondjes and Miniature Australian Shepherds, 9 Eurasian Tree Dog (a corgi-eared working toy-sized breed which you can find if you search through my gallery), 10 Cavalier War Hound (created specifically to pull down horsemen from their horses, inspired by a martial-arts style). There's also various non-dog species, including multiple Enfield breeds; a private mythical-based breed collaboration; and a breed I'll be creating for the purpose of becoming a sort of public breed collaboration. There's also something called "Salt", but I can't find notes on it and don't remember what it was meant to be.
Ordered by priority.

:bulletblack: If someone would bother me about the importance of the Fae illustrated genetics sheet and dew patterns sheet, that's be swell.

v Volstead Butlers are more tenacious and bold in nature. Venetian Teapups are more submissive and complacent.
v Both can tend below three inches of the standard and six above, but the Butlers tend to go upwards and the Teapups tend to go below.
v Butlers tend to be more muscular. Teapups are softer-looking. It's not a widespread feature, but the tendency and preference.

PS. I updated some teapup color terms. The platinum porcelain is Cacao, for how it looks in the fruit, and Milk is a faux urajiro, since it affects both black and red. Also, I inverted the base color of the fancy spice. The top is a sabling, as opposed to the gradient being a lightening at the bottom. This'll also bring plain sable to use in the Butlers. Hope it doesn't hurt anyone~

July 16, 2013
Been in this pathetic state of butthurt about losing my data for too long. But someone asked for the teapup genetics already, so I'm hoping to get that out of my way, then I should be able to start moving forward with this thing again. Registry checks, and a ferret-themed terrier breed, but that'll be at WIP while I organize the Spear Hounds and Burial Hounds. Still, I'm hoping to have my other breed concepts up and out in a while, and then the pen arrives, actual sheets XD

July 9, 2013
Not sure what will make up the vanity-bred, but they'll probably be coming from Butlers, as these have a more adamant temperament. Obviously, they'll be more showy, and definitely not the working type. They don't get along with each other, so two can't belong to the same kennel--everything belongs to them XD I'll be releasing them when more people have registered their teapups.

Mirror and gloss are the same, but mirror is a more exaggerated gloss, seen only in fantasy kennels/settings. It's when the coat is so shiny, that the colors around them are reflected, and you'll see the natural coat colors beneath relatively faded. The natural colors, though, are definitely there, and the most constant. Gloss is less pronounced, but has the same effect. These will be released similarly.

I had that said better elsewhere. It feels like I'm writing rather lackluster.

Soyay! Cross your fingers for my new pen to get here sooner, rather than later--and for this storm to be pin-balled away from my island, so I don't fall even further behind... Need to get to the customs, fae dew patterns sheet, white dress teapups sheet, and genetics sheets already, so... Yeah. Need all my time.

PS. The Spear hound just needs me to like its tail and legs correctly XD Then we'll be off~

July 5, 2013
Since people keep asking for references and about the size, I added FAQ to the front page!

June 18, 2013
:bulletpurple: Just had a fancy idea. I'll be releasing a sweet fantasy design and shift (no natural variation; not DARPG-able, but the Fantasy DARPG group is getting closer to opening!) along with the rehomer formerly known as Savvy~ RE-OPENING ??? [i005] by PaintedCricket

June 15, 2013
Comments disabled on the updates journal... I feel so smarts =/ Fixed...

June 14, 2013
Is the breed information available in the front page useful?

June 13, 2013
+ Breeding Contract for the fae is finally up! I found a way around dA's glitch. The teapups' rules will be similar to the fae, in case anyone's wondering. Anywho, you may either start asking questions, requesting geno interpretations, coloring up your trial litters, or wait until I've got the dew pattern sheet up...

EDIT:: Just realized the fae's official name in the import sheets was flipped. That's embarrassing |D; ::EDIT+

Sorry about the spam, folks! I was trying to get the breed-specific journals out of the Blog. These will now be in Favourites, including the registries! Why? Mostly because of the thumbnail limit, but also so they'll be easier to find. The actual breed information and articles, like sporting and other facts, will be in the Gallery, along with all the other breed information!

June 10, 2013
The Folklore Breeds Basic Rules/Breeding Rules journal has been polished off and set as an Ownership Contract specifically for the Fae breed. Although those rules also applied to the Teapups, there are about to be a new wave of open and semi-open breeds and these will have their own set of rules and specifications, so I figured that it was best to separate the journals by breed.

The Breeding Rules will be added back in a separate journal, and the Fae Facts that used to be there will be given their own little journal with thumbs to various articles about them.

May 25, 2013
I-Spy with fae... Click to Play

May 20, 2013
Rearranged the folders, merging the Everyday Pictures and all those others into one folder for all breeds. Also added a folder for fantasy kennel-style roleplay and one for other style roleplays.

April 20, 2013
For everybody's ease, I've added Due Dates and Due Since dates to the registries. I've also split the registry into Imports and Pedigree, two different journals, though I'm sure that move was noticed XD

Don't worry. Once you register your fae, I'm no longer keeping track of tardy registrations. It's not going on any record.

April 19, 2013
- Genotypes for the Easter Fae are finally up.
- Who's got issues that prevents them from registering their Fae? This means the older Fae, not the new Easter Fae.
- Going to clean up this journal and hopefully have the final draft for the points system and all.

March 20, 2013
I've sent out notes to those whose Fae's registration is/are overdue and those whose registrations are due soon. Here's the list: Import Fae Registryi001 || Male || [REGISTRYIMG] || *Hiatus until May! Education. :bulletorange:
i002 || Female ||
i003 || Male ||
i004 || Male || [REGISTRYIMG] ||
i005 || Female || [REGISTRYIMG] || Due since Febuary 30 :onfire:
i006 || Male ||
i007 AvenLore Kennel's Thor [i007] by PaintedCricket || Male || ALK Born From Thunder [Thor] by xXMacoyXx
i008 Fox Trot Kennels' Levy [i008] by PaintedCricket || Female || [REGISTRYIMG] || de Cruze || Due since March 27:onfire:
i009 PaintedCricket's Folklore [i009] by PaintedCricket || Male || [REGISTRYIMG] || de Fantasía || :onfire:
i010 Aka Kennel's Misora [i010] by PaintedCricket || Female || [REGISTRYIMG] || *Check back later. Education and health. :bulletorange:
i011 His Glory Kennel's Izzy [i011] by PaintedCricket || Female || HGK Izzy by Sevslover6195
i012 Esk View Kennels' Oisin [i012] by PaintedCricket || Male || EVK Legend of Eire by lighteningfox
i013 AvenLore Kennel's Gizmo [i013] by PaintedCricket || Male || ALK Demon Within [Gizmo] by xXMacoyXx
i014 Enfield Fields' Meibelline [i014] by PaintedCricket || Female || [REGISTRYIMG] || *GET TO WORK, CRICKET! :onfire:
i015 Thrushcross Kennels' Wes [i015] by PaintedCricket ||
. Those with the :onfire: icon are overdue. Those with a note (without the :onfire: icon) beside have valid excuses and will be noted at a later date. None have yet been reclaimed, but there is one art auction from the set of open imports that yet have no home!

Night Angel's Talon [i017] by PaintedCricket

Do remember that the Draw to Adopt is art of the dog in question! (Not mine and not a random Fae design.)

March 11, 2013
The Fae created on the first set of lines (between January 29th and Febuary 12th are due. From i001 to i013~ I'll go individually in a week, handing out friendly reminders. Remember that registration images need to be submitted to the group, as well as all following works, though I can go through all your galleries and request them in, I'd rather not have to XD Even non-members can submit, soyeah. Even if you haven't been accepted into the group, noexcuse.

Febuary 7, 2013

Should I make a points system? Probably something with prizes other than status (though they'd have ranks, too). Like gathering points to get free (or rather, bought with imaginary points) rare imports, regular imports, even chibi art of your Fae?

Join requests are now open for Members and Contributors. Contributors is for people who submit a lot, so they can have the group in a checkbox right on the submission page.

Journal is open to members to submit to, although I'm not sure how that works yet. These would be used for breeding searches and the like, and should be removed soon as they're done with to keep this place clean.

The featured folder isn't open for submissions. A few submissions from the Pictures folders will be copied to the Featured folder.

Affiliation requests are open.

The group is for Fae owners. Non-owners may watch for updates. People who draw your Fae and are not members may submit images to the group as well.

No submission limits, but they should obviously contain one or more of the Folklore breeds: Le petit f�e des chien, Wild Hunt Hound, Eurasian Tree Dog, Gypsy Cur...

Try it out~



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